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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Purple Daisy charge for its services?

Our prices are designed to allow us to take home the same pay as if we were working in the NHS. It is our opinion that the NHS is not currently able to provide a comprehensive Mental Health Service and therefore we are offering an alternative.
Our prices are extremely competitive when compared to counsellors and an hour of our time is about half the price of an hour of a plumbers time.

Do you negotiate on your prices?

We will negotiate on our prices, but we ask you to understand that this is how we make our living. We do not believe we are overcharging for our services. If you ask us to negotiate on our prices for individual care we will expect some negotiation in return. If, for example you eat out every weekend we will expect you to forgo one of these meals in order to help pay for our services. We will negotiate, but we expect this to be respected.

We also offer a range of services and will adapt these services to your needs, this can include your financial needs. Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Is Purple Daisy insured?

Yes, Purple Daisy staff have indemnity insurance provided by the Royal College of Nurses.

Can I claim for your services through my private healthcare insurance?

This is sometimes possible. We would recommend you contact your healthcare provider and ask them. We are registered with WPA Healthcare, if your insurance is with them we suggest you contact them to ensure you have the correct level of cover. We are happy to accept individuals with private healthcare insurance, but require confirmation of this cover prior to assessment. You remain liable for any costs not covered by your insurance.

Do you do counselling?

Our staff are Registered Mental Health Nurses, not counsellors. Although we do have some training in counselling, we work as nurses. This allows us to deliver a unique service to you which is based upon a broad background knowledge in Mental Health Care ranging over many therapeutic options.


Are your staff DBS cleared?

Yes. Enhanced DBS certificates are available on request

Are your staff trained in Safeguarding?

Yes. All staff are trained at level 3 in Safeguarding, child protection and protection of vulnerable adults.
Our staff are also experienced in working with past and current abuse issues, attempted suicide, deliberate self harm, domestic violence, FGM, stalking and honour based violence.

What issues can the Purple Daisy team help address within my school?

We can provide individual support, small group support and training. We have extensive experience in working with a range of issues:

 - Deliberate Self Harm

 - Attempted Suicide

 - Domestic Violence

 - FGM

 - Past and current abuse

 - Depression and low mood

 - Anxiety

 - OCD and phobias

 - self esteem and self confidence issues

 - The impact of poor mental health in the family

 - drugs and alcohol

 - and more…


Can you help our company reduce ill health through stress?

Yes. We offer individual, small group and training sessions on stress, stress management, relaxation and mindfulness. We are able to help you provide a supportive work environment which makes stress less likely.

I have an employee returning to work after some time off work for mental ill health, how do I support them?

We can advise on methods of helping staff return to work, support the member of staff and provide training for the team.


What sort of training do you supply?

We deliver small and large group training sessions, these can vary from an hour to a few days in length. Some examples of the training we offer can be seen on our training page, but we also provide individualised training based on your needs. Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

Where do you provide training?

Training can be provided in any suitable venue. It can be at your office, school or local community centre.

Do you provide training sessions which are available to the public?

We provide open sessions onto which anyone can book via Eventbrite. These sessions are often held at local community centres or hotels.

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