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Purple Daisy offers high quality mental health care to individuals. This is usually provided in the individual’s home, but can be arranged in a workplace or school.

We offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs.
You can contact us via email
enquiry@purple-daisy.co.uk or speak to us on 07969 295715

Following this consultation we can arrange to visit you to comprehensively assess your needs and plan your recovery with you.

We Offer:

We understand the importance of accessing our service quickly We attempt to offer you an assessment within one week of your enquiry and usually within 48 hours.

Our Duty of Care

We will not discuss your care or treatment with anyone, unless you would like us to. The only exception to this is due to our team being Registered Nurses. As registered nurses we have a duty of care and if you tell us or we suspect that someone is in immediate danger (including yourself), we have to contact the police or social services.

We offer a free telephone conversation to talk through your specific needs

There is no obligation to use our services, if requested we will highlight the relevant NHS services available to you and explain how you access them. We will plan the frequency of sessions with you and will adapt this according to your needs.

For the protection of both our client and ourselves we work to a contract. This is available HERE.

  • Intensive support and treatment to individuals suffering from an immediate and debilitating mental health problem and their families

    We will provide a response to your call within 24 hours. If you need immediate help we will advise you on how to access this within the NHS. We will provide an appointment for you within 3 working days with one of our nurses. We will look at the immediate problem with you and begin to work with you to overcome the problem. We will also speak to your family (although we will only share information about your health if you give us permission) and support them in supporting you.

  • Ongoing support and treatment to individuals with recurring mental health problems and their families

    If you have a longer term or recurring mental health problem, we will provide you with an appointment within 5 working days with one of our nurses. We will work with you to establish your priorities and we will help you achieve your goals and work towards recovery.

  • Support and advocacy for individuals suffering from common Mental Health problems

    If you have concerns about your mental health, are experiencing low mood or anxiety, we can help. You will help you look at the impact this is having on your life and look at why this is occurring. We will teach you new methods to manage your mental health problem and support you in making changes in your life.

  • Support for carers

    We will never share your information with anyone unless you give us permission to do so. However, we will support your family and friends in their role of supporting you.

  • Medication advice from a fully qualified prescriber when appropriate

    We have Independent Nurse Prescribers within the team, who can give you accurate and appropriate advice on prescribed medications, over the counter medications, and complementary therapies. We may be able to issue you with a private prescription.

  • Telephone or online support

    We are available online or on the phone to support you between your sessions. We do not charge for these supportive contacts, but if they become regular we may suggest that we increase the frequency of your face to face sessions.