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Training – General

Common Mental Health problems – an introduction
Sessions of varying length and depth of information about the common mental health problems: depression, anxiety and stress.

Depression and low mood
An holistic session examining the roots and causes of low mood and depression. Examining how are emotions are affected by our thoughts and how we can make small changes in our lives to promote good mental health. Focused on recovery and staying well.

From negative thoughts to positive emotions
A session which focuses on how our thoughts impact our emotions, and what we can do about it.

Managing Intrusive thoughts
Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that seem to come from nowhere, invading our daily lives with their repetitive and negative nature. This session focuses on how we can manage and reduce these thoughts and minimise the impact they have on our lives.

Managing Suicidal thoughts and seeking support
Suicidal thoughts are distressing. This session looks at these thoughts in depth, why we experience them and how to manage them. Experiencing suicidal thoughts doesn’t always indicate an intent to act to end a life, and this session will look at the unconscious motivations of individuals experiencing these thoughts and discuss when and where to get help.

Anxiety toolkit
Anxiety can be debilitating. This session will look at what anxiety is and explore numerous methods to manage it.

From exam stress to divorce stress effects everyone. This session explores what stress is, its mental and physical affects and discusses methods with which to manage stress.

Sleep problems
Lack of sleep has a hugely detrimental effect on our lives. This session explores the concept of “sleep hygiene” and looks at medical, psychological and alternative methods to help us sleep.

Training – Education

Mental Health: An Introduction to Enhance Understanding, Skills and Confidence
Enhance knowledge, attitudes, skills, understanding and confidence of staff and provide practical strategies that could be used right away

Mental Health Promotion in School
Provide strategies for remaining mentally well and support for students with mental health difficulties

Tackling Stress in School
Essential practical suggestions for minimising the impact of stress, for students wellbeing.

Supporting Students with Anxiety and Depression
Support students with anxiety and/or depression to improve their well-being, attendance and attainment.

Exam Stress and Anxiety: Prevention, Management and Support for all Students
Manage exam anxiety and enable your students to thrive during exam season.

Developing Resilience and Coping Skills in Your Students
Resilience and coping skills are required throughout our lives. The sooner we learn them, the more effective we can be.

Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence – Protecting Children in your School
Understand how these issues effect students on a personal level and learn how to respond effectively and responsibly. Also includes a discussion regarding your statutory duties.